OLAF Optical Testing‚Äč

About Olaf OPtical Testing

OlafOpticalTesting.com was started by Dr. Roger Cicala, who founded Lensrentals.com nearly a decade ago. As Lensrentals grew and developed, Roger was shocked to find there was no readily available, high-quality testing service for camera lenses. Along with Aaron Closz, he began incorporating the best testing methods into their quality assurance protocols. 

Over the years, they have dedicated more and more time to providing state-of-the-art optical testing, first for Lensrentals, then for others. In the process they have developed one of the most advanced optical testing laboratories in the United States. Olaf Optical Testing has been created to make that service available to a wider range of clients. 

With over a million dollars invested in optical testing equipment and software, nearly a decade's experience testing photography and video lenses, and an extensive database that includes standards and accepted ranges for hundreds of lenses, Olaf Optical Testing provides a unique service not available anywhere else. 

The company, of course, is named after OLAF, one of our favorite pieces of optical testing equipment.