OLAF Optical Testing‚Äč

We encourage you to contact us via email so that we can discuss the type of testing you need. We do know that it helps to have some idea of the costs involved, so we've provided some examples. Zoom lenses require testing at 3 different focal lengths, so the cost of testing a single zoom lens is 2.5 times the costs listed for prime lenses. 

For the majority of purposes, the four rotation MTF test with TMF map is all that is required. 

Cost per Focal Length Tested

Four rotation MTF Test with MTF Map
Field Curvature Measurement (single axis)


Field Curvature Measurement (2 axis)$275.00
Distortion Map$125.00
Point Spread Function, 10-200 lp/mm (each pt.)  $50.00
Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration $100.00