OLAF Optical Testing‚Äč

Field Curvature Measurement

The most complete testing available involves measuring MTF at thousands of points at various focusing distances, creating a complete map of the field-of-focus curvature of the lens. 

We offer services that simply aren't available elsewhere. Whether it's testing a large number of lenses for quality assurance, providing better-than-manufacturer optical analysis of a prototype lens prior to production, choosing exactly the right optic for a specific application, or simply making sure a given lens is within expected optical specifications, we have the equipment and expertise to provide the information you need. 

OLAF Pinhole testing

OLAF is a 5 micron pinhole collimation system built to our specifications. It provides a real-time image showing aberrations and distortions both on and off axis. OLAF is especially sensitive for detecting when complex optics are decentered, tilted, or otherwise out of alignment. 

Optical bench mtf testing

Our standard testing for optical lenses. Our Trioptics Imagemaster MTF bench can test at both infinity and finite focusing distances. Rather than a simple side-to-side MTF measurement, our proprietary software measures the lens in 4 different rotation, creating a complete picture of how every side and corner performs. Using our database of previously measured lenses, we can compare a given lens to the expected range of all samples of that lens tested.